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Nick Dangerfield (In Production)

Nick Dangerfield is a father, founder, artist, and technologist living and working in the East Village. He currently leads Planeta, a product studio developing speakers that vibrate like the human voice, paintings that move, and an augmented reality recreation of the David Bowie exhibit.

Over the years, and all over the world, Nick has created books, cameras, music releases, buttons, web platforms, films, and more. His products have been used by Justin Beiber, 
Park Chan Wook, Terrence Malick, and others.

This documentary explores Nick’s life — his family, his work, why he makes things, and why he’s hestitant about this documentary about him.

Executive Producer... Josh Miller
Directors... Josh Lee & Jacob Sussman
Producers... Jacob Sussman & Josh Lee

Cinematographer... Jacob Sussman