Plain Fiction


Simon Knight is living a young author's dream. His controversial debut novel is making waves, and his audience is already clamoring for the next book. But, when a gruesome murder depicted in Simon's novel takes place in real life, his newfound fame quickly turns to infamy. Desperate to escape the spotlight, he hides out in an old hotel, where he is determined to write his comeback book. But this is no ordinary hotel: it's full of some real characters. As Simon struggles to write something new, he must choose between the power of violent sensationalism and the true beauty of compassion and love.

Plain Fiction is now in festival submissions.

--- CAST & CREW ---

Producer, Director... Cyrus Duff
Producer, Writer, “Simon”... Edward Columbia
Director of Photography... Andrea González Mereles
“Oliver”... Sky Lakota-Lynch
“Charlotte”... Lauren E. Banks
“Ernest”... Peter Columbia
“Burroughs”... Theodore Bouloukos

Production Designer... Rocky Bostick
Line Producer... Josh Lee
Co-Line Producer... Ian Rice
1st AC... Jacob Sussman