The Chilis of Sunset Park


The fiery red chilis we so closely associate with Sichuan cuisine are actually not native to China, but to Central America. The peppers made their way to China several hundred years ago, when they traveled the Columbian Exchange all the way from Mexico. We worked with director Daniel Traub and with New York - based Chinese restaurant group Junzi Kitchen to develop and shoot a piece about the intersections between Sichuan and Oaxacan food, by comparing, sampling, and ultimately combining the uses of chili peppers in the two cuisines. In our piece, three chefs from different backgrounds take a tour through Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood, home to the city's largest Chinatown side by side one of its largest Mexican communities. The chefs search for chilis that can work new flavors into classic Chinese dishes, and discover surprising cultural and culinary connections in the process.

--- CAST & CREW ---

Producer/Developer/Co-Director:... Edward Columbia
Director/Co-Developer... Daniel Traub
Camera Operators... Michele Zarbafian and Cyrus Duff
Executive Producer... Junzi Kitchen